Our Philosophy

Southern Lifestyle Homes is founded on the principle that each home we build is as unique as the families we build them for. Whether it’s the experience of purchasing your first home, upgrading to meet your growing family’s needs, or downsizing for something with a little less to maintain, we want to be here for you. This is why we give personal attention to each family that we have the privilege to build for. Our success is based on your happiness, and we want to make your building experience the best possible.

About Southern Lifestyles Homes

Dana Skaff, President and Owner of Southern Lifestyle Homes, has been in the home building industry for nearly 30 years. She began her career with DW Hutson, DS Ware, and as one of the owners of Admiral Homes. In 2007, Dana founded Southern Lifestyle Homes.

Through Southern Lifestyle Homes, the concept of the “move-in ready home” came to life in Jacksonville. The theory of the move-in ready home was to exceed builder standards and offer affordable homes where the new buyers only need to bring furniture, groceries and clothes in order to move in, eliminating the extra expense of basic necessities like garage door openers, window blinds and refrigerators, all of which are standard features in a Southern Lifestyle Home.

Southern Lifestyle Homes model homes are built showcasing many of the affordable upgrades available, allowing prospective buyers to see how the customized options could look in their new home. The affordability of these upgrades allows buyers to customize at a reasonable price, thereby competing with local custom home builders. Knowing that kitchens, baths and landscaping are important features in the housing industry, Southern Lifestyle Homes test markets for, and builds their homes with the latest feature trends to compete with local custom home builders.

Southern Lifestyle Homes has elected to stay with the “customer first concept”, which has been met with great success and allows their reputation to precede them in the home sales market.

The corporate structure of Southern Lifestyle Homes epitomizes the team concept, recognizing and operating with the concept that their support staff is the backbone of the company.

Southern Lifestyle Homes is a quality builder, not a quantity builder. Customer service, during and after the sale, is of utmost importance to their future success as a company, creating a solid foundation of customer loyalty.




Our Experience

With over 40 years of combined homebuilding experience in the Jacksonville area, your experience is of utmost importance to us. Our team's philosophy revolves around building strong relationships with all of our families and making certain you are comfortable throughout the entire building process. In other words, it’s not our experience that matters most, but yours. And we strive to make it the best one of your life!